In the Ear (ITE)

Silk Primax

Ultimate discretion. Clear sound.

Small in size, big in performance: Some Insio models are so tiny that they are almost invisible when worn. Yet they are packed with outstanding features to provide you with exceptional sound quality. Insio’s binaural directionality enhances speech recognition so you can fully enjoy your conversations even in demanding environments with a lot of background noise. And like all of our binax models, Insio accomplishes this with the industry’s lowest battery consumption. Available in four tailor-made models in an ergonomic design for a perfect fit; ITE (in-the-ear), ITC (in-the-canal), CIC (completely-in-canal) and IIC (invisibly-in-canal).

Hearing that is more precise than ever.

Immerse yourself in conversations without a second thought. With Insio’s directional microphones you can focus precisely on speech coming at you from the front, back, or either side. Even better, Insio’s features adjust automatically as you change environments, such as when going from the car into a crowded mall. Insio models with two directional microphones—ITEs and ITCs—are so advanced that wearers can understand speech in demanding environments even better than those with normal hearing. Binaural OneMic directionality in CICs and IICs provide superior speech understanding thanks to enhanced directionality.

Only the best audio signal — even in wind.

No matter what you’re doing outside, Insio’s eWindScreen binaural helps you enjoy every minute by minimizing annoying wind noise and maximizing the clarity of the sounds you want to hear.

Getting the better of tinnitus.

Tinnitus can be distracting and annoying. Insio’s optional tinnitus therapy signals can help provide relief
by emitting a personalized therapy signal to reduce the effects of tinnitus and bring back comfort and serenity.